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Welcome to the website of: DINO SELENIUM

On this website we will inform you about the possibilities and advantages of a systematic and secure enrichment of selenium in plants by application of DINO SELENIUM to the soil.

DINO SELENIUM is a granulated lime fertilizer containing selenium.

DINO SELENIUM is a product of Vereinigte Kreidewerke Dammann.

Selenium – a micronutrient which is indispensable to life for humans and animals.

In recent years the selenium supply of cattle and sheep has become an increasingly significant part of the considerations regarding a well-balanced animal nutrition. Fertility disturbances and udder problems of cows as well as weakness and diarrhea of calves could be clearly allocated to an insufficient supply of selenium.

Due to the low contents in the soils, grass and other forage plants cannot absorb sufficient amounts of selenium and make it available to the animals as selenium protein. After a drastic lack of selenium was attested more and more often, especially in the extensive animal husbandry, different forms of supplementing selenium to the livestock were applied.

However, these partly life-threatening selenium deficiency symptoms could not be countermanded by means of selenium shots, licking stones with increased selenium contents, and the addition of selenium to the mineral fodder.
The selenium shot is only effective for a short period of time, many animals avoid licking stones, the availability of the mineral sodium selenite in the mineral fodder is verifiably inferior to the organic selenium protein of grass and does not reach the animals on the meadow.

A far more elegant, simple, and secure solution to this problem is to fertilize the soil in order to enrich the green fodder with selenium. In this way organic selenium reaches the entire herd and the animals absorb the nutrients of the forage enriched with selenium depending on performance and demand.

DINO SELENIUM – the granulated lime fertilizer with selenium

By fertilizing with DINO SELENIUM on the meadow, the selenium content of the fertilized plants evidentially rises to the required values (0.1 – 0.3 mg selenium / kg dry substance). The selenium status of the animals clearly improves when they eat the forage enriched with selenium protein.

The best references for the selenium slow release fertilizer are the long lasting and successful application in New Zealand, Australia, the USA, Canada, and South Africa. In New Zealand the agents of DINO SELENIUM are currently applied on 1.2 million ha grassland. 70 % of the dairy farmers trust in the long-term effect of the slow release fertilizer.

LUFA Oldenburg (Dr. Frank Lorenz) has also tested the agents of DINO SELENIUM in exact experiments with cattle and has verified the effect.

Due to the slow release, the plants receive a sufficient amount of selenium for the entire growing season if applied once in spring. A more user friendly fertilization can be performed when using spreaders (“Schneckenkorn-Streuer” made by LEHNER) or by adding DINO SELENIUM in fertilizer mixing systems. For spreading by means of conventional fertilizer spreaders, we offer DINO SELENIUM 25 with a spread quantity of 25 kg / ha. Spreading charts of the companies Lehner, Amazone, Rauch and others are available. Ideally it is spread at the beginning of the growing season. However, later fertilization is also reasonable and effective.

Selenium is also important for human food. DINO SELENIUM is applied to enrich potatoes, vegetables, and cereals with selenium. When cultivating corn, selenium can be efficiently placed for the absorption by means of underground fertilization.

Advantages of DINO SELENIUM

  • All the animals are reached via the forage
  • Each animal consumes forage adequate to its capacity
  • The plants generate high-quality selenium protein
  • Organic protein is easier to access than mineral selenium
  • The selenium fertilization is safe and efficient
  • Grazing animals also obtain a sufficient selenium status

Advantages for the trade

  • The product can be handled safely and easily
  • Not a dangerous good according to ADR
  • No occupancy of boxes
  • 25 kg bags on europallets and, if desired, in the big bag as well
  • Flexible application

Advantages for the agriculturist

  • Cost-effective basic supply of the herd with selenium
  • Appliance once a year
  • Possibility to upgrade breadstuff and feedgrain
  • Under the aspect of functional food the selenium potato can be advertised thus generating extra earnings
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