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DINO SELENIUM 25 is a granulated lime with 0.04 % selenium. The application rate amounts to 25 kg / ha and year. The ideal time of application is during spring. However, if the fertilization is carried out later on, the growth of meadows and pastures is also enriched with selenium.

The product DINO SELENIUM 25 can be spread using conventional centrifugal spreaders. (Spreading chart AMAZONE under the heading Technology).

For further information please refer to our DINO SELENIUM 25 – product datasheet

Security advice:
According to the regulation on carriage of dangerous goods DINO SELENIUM is not a dangerous good. The storage is not limited and there are no requirements regarding the transport.

Application notes:
Store the product in a dry place. Avoid skin and eye contact. Wear gloves and personal protective clothing. Avoid dust formation and do not breathe in dust. Keep the product away from foodstuff and fodder. Keep away from unprotected persons and children. Provide for sufficient ventilation. Please work carefully with the product.

Emergency advice: Giftinformationszentrale (Poison Information Centre) Göttingen Phone +49 551 19240

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